Lawsuit Filed Against the Illegal/Unconstitutional COVID Response in Maine

The people of Maine have suffered under the boot of tyranny for a non – emergency for far too long; we will fight to stop this nonsense.”

03/10/2021, Maine – For a full year now the people of Maine have suffered greatly from the response to COVID-19. This disease has, in Maine as it has elsewhere, shown to be roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu but the response has shown to be far more dangerous to our freedoms, our economy, our children, and our elderly. Suicide rates, especially amongst children, have skyrocketed, drug usage has exploded, and domestic violence is out of control.

In response, Maine Stands Up is working with MAFA to fight for our freedoms. Attorney Thomas Renz (Ohio) and Attorney Ron Jenkins (Maine) have filed a suit challenging the emergency in federal court.

“It is a true honor and privilege to work with Ron and the amazing people from Maine Stands Up. These are some of the finest people in the country and want nothing more than the right to live their lives,” said attorney Renz.

MAFA and Maine Stands Up believe everyone has a right to protect themselves from COVID or any other disease but do not believe anyone has the right to force individuals to take such measures. We MUST have autonomy over our own bodies and health – otherwise there is no freedom.

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In Maine:
Drew Darling

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