Lending a Hand as We Stand

Hello Fellow Freedom Advocate!

We here at MSU wanted to acknowledge the volunteers within our movement.
Asking folks to STAND requires commitment and action. We realize most have full time jobs, children, personal and professional challenges in and amidst the chaos that is the world today. It takes a willing spirit to put forth energy on top of the daily requirements of our busy lives.

We wanted to extend a huge heartfelt thank you and to say WE SEE YOU.

The changes we long for will take shape when we place our very own hands in the clay and begin to mold it. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part in our own unique way.

Sayings like: “It takes a village” or “It takes all kinds of kinds” has never rung more true.

Where You Can Stand and How You Can Help

We need every helping hand, creative mind and open heart that we can get. In addition to more group meetings and hosts, we are still seeking a few dedicated folks to take on leadership roles in various committees. Committees always welcome more members and we encourage you to begin or continue having weekly meetings that are engaging and strive towards an idea or a goal that will expand and uplift the MSU movement. Committees are not isolated to local ordinances as meetings can be Zoom or a hybrid with in-person gatherings.

In case you are new to MSU, most of our networking is done through an app called Signal.
Once you have been to a group meeting you will be able to sign up to get links and join in on the different threads.
It is on Signal that our committees communicate and our members from across the state network.
You can also visit our website and follow us on SM : Instagram Facebook Gab Telegram for more general information or email info@mainestandsup.org.
If you have an announcement you would like submitted to the Newsletter please email newsletter@mainestandsup.org by 8pm on Thursdays.

Committees Needing Leaders
Fundraiser/Event Planning
Emotional and Spiritual Support

Committees Needing More Members
Fundraiser/Events Planning

Counties Needing Hosts

Find an established meeting here.

We want to welcome one of our newest groups, “Aroostook Stands Up”. They have just begun meetings and are leading our Great Northern Maine charge! Please spread the word!
Let’s Keep Growing!

A word from MSU Legislation Committee Head and Maine Legislative Watch Dogs Founder, Gina LeDuc-Kuntz

Yesterday, Maine Legislators voted down LD 1292: An Act Regarding the Parental Right To Direct the Health Care of Children. The summary of this bill states: “This bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain permission from a parent or guardian before placing an infected minor in isolation during a public health emergency. It also prohibits physical examinations, surgical procedures, vaccine administrations and drug prescriptions for a minor without parent or guardian permission.”

Imagine this, our Maine Representatives believe our children can be isolated without our permission, vaccinated without our permission, indoctrinated without our permission.

We have written. We have called. We have testified. We now need to take the power back by seeking and holding the power. To turn this titanic around, we must run for and win elections.

Now that the Maine State Legislature is out for the summer, our attention is turning to recruiting and training folks interested in running for anything from school boards, local committees to the Maine State Legislature itself.
We have formed a Maine Stands Up Legislative Committee. The Signal thread has been created for you to join and contribute.

Trainings and legislative information will be posted in the Maine Legislative Watch Dogs facebook group.


The Activism Committee is preparing for its first Zoom meeting on Monday the 21st at 7:30am for anyone who wants to share ideas, chat, and organize about any ongoing or future activism. Link to Zoom meeting in the Activism Committee Signal thread.


Un-Mask Maine is an initiative that one of our members is getting underway. Zoom meetings will begin soon. If you are interested in collaborating to challenge requirements for unvaccinated persons to wear masks in any setting, please contact winchestersheryl@gmail.com and join the Advocacy Committee.

For inspiration, here is a chain of emails between Kimberly Ellis and the University of South Alabama (USA). This powerhouse mom was able to get the university to lift the mask mandate not only for her daughter, but for all students, employees, and visitors (beginning July 1)!!!!

Food Sovereignty

To join our Food Sovereignty network please request to join the Signal group or email wyrd@midcoast.com.


Our Homeschoolers Network is Blossoming

A group of homeschooling parents met last week to discuss creating a website that will allow homeschoolers and educators throughout Maine to network and collaborate with one another. A group will be getting together later in June to put together the content of the website. They aim to have the site up and running by the end of July. To get involved, email sashakutsy@protonmail.com.

Update on our Community Builders of Freedom!

In case you haven’t heard, this movement was created by husband and wife team Katlin and Eric Hilton. Members of Maine Stands up since early 2021, in April they spent some time in Boulder, CO where they became inspired to grow the Stand Up effort not only in the city of Boulder but all across the USA. The BSU community has grown to over 70 people! They are thriving!

In early June, the couple packed up their apartment in Maine, bought a camper and hit the road! They have since been to Dallas, Texas, where they had a wonderful meeting with about 12 others and will now be traveling to Austin and San Antonio.

If you want more information email communitybuildersoffreedom@protonmail.com or follow @communitybuildersoffreedom on Instagram or Telegram.
If you would like to donate to Katlin and Eric’s mission, please do so through communitybuildersoffreedom.com.
All donations go towards travel costs and are greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Events

To wrap up this chock-full-of-ways-you-can-support Newsletter we present to you
the next fundraiser:

The Maine Freedom Cruise
Join the MSU family on the Casablanca for a 70’s and 80’s dance party cruise!
Thursday, July 15, 2021 check in 5:00-5:45pm. Boat departs at 6pm sharp!
18 Custom House Wharf, Portland, ME (next to the Porthole).
Dress in your 70’s/80’s finest, bring a picnic, cash bar !
Tickets $50 (available soon) / Ages 16 and up / All proceeds go to MSU efforts
Save the date!

For all other upcoming events and group meetings see the calendar on our website.
If you would like to host a community gathering of any sort, email info@mainestandsup.org to get added to the calendar.

In case you missed the big Stand Up and Speak Easy fundraising event last Saturday, here are two of the speeches from our very own Attorney, F. R. Jenkins Esq. and Special Guest Speaker, Jeff Witzemen.

Watch Jeff’s speech here!

Watch Ron’s speech here!

together hand in hand
By Emily Nixon

the only way
that we can truly mold the clay
of our society
is if we choose to be
our truest Self
that doesn’t include status or wealth
or even our health

what causes our heart to beat
isn’t the number of vegetables that we eat
peer deeper inside
where The Mystery resides
there is a space
we shall name Grace

we are instruments that sing and glow
when Divine winds blow
simple lumps of clay
until the day
that we wake up to our souls calling
it may feel like falling
as if in a storm
until we take a new form
and stand
together hand in hand

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