Food Sovereignty, A Successful Freedom Cruise & More!

Hello Fellow Freedom Advocate!

As the Casablanca sailed into a thick, cool fog, MSU members turned up the heat and danced the evening away. At the end, the Captain apologized for the fog (as if he could have helped it), but the scenery really made no difference to us because of what we as a community have created on the inside. To be in the moment, embraced by loving people, dancing and laughing and hugging and singing, was more potent medicine than any perfect weather could be. Let’s take this even one step further and remind ourselves that the only landscape we really have control over is that of our own inner being. No matter what is happening around us, we must remain calm, centered and discerning, joyful and radiant. This is how we will change the world. And we are doing it!

The evidence is everywhere. Watch the fun from our boat outing on Instagram.

Thank you to each and every person who made this fundraiser possible, especially Mark and Danielle.

What is Food Sovereignty?

The first food sovereignty bill was passed in 2017 by former governor Paul LePage. It is a first-in-the-nation act to allow individual cities and towns to declare food sovereignty and disregard certain state requirements and licenses regarding food production and sales. This ordinance allows people within each town to produce, process, and sell food within their communities. Towns across Maine have been passing this ordinance and successfully practicing food sovereignty through face-to-face sales, which strengthens our community as well as our food system.

LD954 passed! What does this mean?

Maine people will get to vote on whether or not to amend Maine’s constitution to include “a natural, inherent, and unalienable right to grow, raise, harvest, produce, and consume the food of their own choosing.” It would make Food Sovereignty a state law rather than an ordinance to be adopted by individual towns. Governor Mills vetoed the bill on July 1st. After hearing from so many constituents in favor of the bill, the senate overrode the veto with a bipartisan vote of 23-10.

LD954 is also the first bill in the nation of its kind. Maine is leading the food sovereignty movement for the nation. If Maine passes this, other states will likely follow. Please thank your senators and representatives and let them know what you think about food sovereignty!

For more information about the Food Sovereignty Ordinance and how to get it passed in your town, visit:

LD954 full text

Bangor Daily News article about LD954

Here is a list of all the bills vetoed by Governor Mills this session and her comments on them.

How Are Our Groups Doing Out There?

Oxford Hills Group
A HUGE welcome to our newest addition in Oxford Hills! We are so excited to get Oxford county on the map. Let us know how we can support you moving forward.

Farmington Group
Franklin County doubled in size from their first meeting to their second.
They are also working on spreading the word, building community, sharing skills, and compiling a face friendly business list in the local area. They plan to utilize templates for contacting schools regarding face masks for children.
Amazing news! Way to go, Franklin County.

Ellsworth Group
An Ellsworth member, Karen D., was successful in standing firm about not masking for her new massage therapy job. The employer was at first asking everyone who wasn’t already “jabbed” to mask. But she has since changed the policy, thanks to Karen staying firm and clear about her intention to breathe unencumbered and be mask free while working with clients. Karen not only blew the problem out of the water, but she freed up her co-workers and employer at the same time!

Some other interesting resources provided by the Ellsworth Meeting Host:

This is a podcast that Meryl Nass helped to edit, a shorter version of the 3.5 hour DarkHorse Podcast that ‘Professor in Exile’ Bret Weinstein facilitated not too long ago.

The interview was censored on YouTube and other major social media platforms. Five days after the DarkHorse podcast was published, Malone’s scientific accomplishments and contributions were scrubbed from Wikipedia.

About this revised shortened video, Meryl commented (in her July 8th blog post):

Her other 5 reasons (plus 2 other links to access the conversation) can be found here.

Kennebunk Group
The York meeting compiles an email with meeting minutes chock full of action items to help keep folks engaged. For example: they are creating a Telegram channel to better communicate, ideas for future meetings (like constitutional laws, gun handling safety, prepping), listing informal social outings, plans to print and distribute MSU business cards and flyers, what to do if someone knocks on your door and offers the jab, and what it means to stand up and handle fear. Amazing job, Kennebunk!

Legislative Action

There is an upcoming Zoom public hearing about the vaccine mandate on July 26 at 9am. It’s important that people attend or write letters before this date. Read about the proposed rule changes here.


Please see the previous newsletter here for more information about the homeschooling efforts.

This week’s update:

How can other Homeschooling/Educating families help with the new website?

  1. Let us know if you would like to take the lead on the website for your region.
  2. Collect resources that will be added to the website tabs: tutors, educating organizations, art teachers, etc. . .
  3. What classes can you teach for homeschoolers in your region? Can you organize a class for someone else to teach?
  4. What field trips are you interested in organizing?
  5. Can you help to put together a monthly newsletter?

Email to get involved.

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