Arise USA Tour Meets Maine Stands Up on Tuesday!

Hello Fellow Freedom Advocate!

Arise US Tour Meets Maine Stands Up

Belfast, ME – Tuesday, July 27th from 5:30-8:30
96 Church Street at The Crosby Center
This event is FREE (donations gratefully accepted)

Sheriff Mack will be a headline speaker. He currently teaches, consults and empowers people around the country and around the world. He started the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) which educates both citizens as well as sheriffs and other peace officers on the Constitution and their limitations of power, according to the Constitution.

MSU urges you to reach out to your local law enforcement agents including sheriffs, deputies, and county commissioners to request that they attend this educational offering.

Learn more about Constitutional Sheriffs and Counties here.

Thank you ShabdSangeet Kaur Khalsa for securing the venue and making this event possible.

See our event page for an incredibly inspiring write-up by ShabdSangeet Kaur Khalsa and the event flyer for more detailed information.

Update on Legal Matters

This week, Ron Jenkins, Tom Renz, and their team filed a truly groundbreaking Preliminary Injunction in the previously filed Alabama case. We will post the case itself on our MSU website next week and also send it out here in the newsletter.
For now, you can hear Tom Renz discuss it briefly and read the full case here (an outside, but medical freedom-aligned, website).

MAFA as a whole, and MSU in particular, have contributed directly and significantly to this entire case, as Ron (our local Maine attorney) has been the primary legal draftsman in all of the filings on the case (which is also true of the Maine case).

The update in the Maine case is that the defendants filed their motion to dismiss and now our legal team is drafting their response. There is an immense amount of work going on behind the scenes on these lawsuits on behalf of our movement, and our legal team is being highly intentional with their strategy and timing. Maine Stands Up can be proud and take a great deal of credit for all of the cases that have been filed in the MAFA movement thus far, as it is, Ron, our very own Atticus Finch, drafting them.
The funds that we raise in Maine Stands Up go to these cases. This work is history-making, it is groundbreaking, and it is vital. So if we ever start to flag in our faith that we are doing something, let’s remember that we truly are. These are landmark cases, and together we are making them happen.

Update from Maine Legislative Watch Dogs:
Some Goings On in Augusta this Past Week

We are still plotting a course for exploring the next steps for the Right to Refuse bill here in Maine. Expect updates next week!

In the meantime, here is an important story highlighting how Maine Legislators have been behaving condescendingly to Maine citizens, and steps we can take to make changes so our like-minded voices are heard.

Some of you may have read, Rep. Charlotte Warren, Maine District 84, made some unsavory remarks about “white, straight men” being unfit to take part in politics as they are “too emotional.”

Rep. Warren made these remarks on her personal Facebook page while tagging the Maine State Senate Facebook page.

Freedom of speech? Maybe.

But, Rep. Warren went on to warn that those in disagreement would have their comments deleted. Rep. Warren did indeed delete comments, blocked commenters and eventually closed her accounts altogether.

The problem? Rep. Charlotte Warren did not speak as a private citizen, but as a government actor who then censored private Maine citizens in exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech and right to petition their government–alarming.

In response, Maine Legislative Watch Dogs reached out to House Assistant Minority Leader, Rep. Joel Stetkis, requesting that Rep. Warren be disciplined through the Legislative body.

Consequently, Rep. Joel Stetkis introduced H.O.11: “House Order to Require Disciplinary Action Against Representative Charlotte Warren.” This Order was introduced and debated on July 19th with Rep. Stetkis delivering a rational and well thought out debate in the Order’s defense on the House Floor.

Unfortunately, Rep. Dillingham, House Minority Leader, stood up against the House Order, encouraging House members to also not support the order.
The outcome? The House voted 105 to 21 to “Indefinitely Postpone” a decision on this Order.

A possible solution? Find like-minded people to run for office so that we can bring key medical freedom and informed consent bills such as the Right to Refuse bills into being. We also suggest that private citizens apply pressure to their representatives, voicing their concerns and priorities.

If you have an interest in running for the Maine State Legislature, please contact Maine Legislative Watch Dogs at:

Group Updates

Hope Group
Carolyn from the Hope group and her friend, Morgan Winslow, organized a very successful Family Day on the Common in Union last weekend. They started the planning back when we had the mask mandates and lockdowns, as a way to bring people together and have fun. Cornerstone Financial Services and Scott’s Place provided free food. They had games set up for children and encircled the Common with American flags. It was a huge success! On Memorial Day weekend, Carolyn, Jessica and others organized patriotic singing on the bandstand in the Common. There is no limit to what a small group of young mothers can accomplish.

Thomaston has a nice Common with a big park. Do we have any MSU members from Thomaston who could get permission from the town to host some MSU events there to educate people about medical freedom?
If so, please contact Crystal Robinson at 354 6777 for help and the possibility of free carriage rides!

Auburn Group
The Auburn meeting had multiple new members in attendance last week that brought great ideas, skills, and inspiration to the table. For example, there were two lifelong homeschooling families, and one shared about a statewide, face-friendly soccer league that was organized in the middle of the mask mandate, allowing over 200 children to come together and play while breathing fresh air. Two members shared how they have recently left jobs to stay in integrity with their beliefs around medical freedom and bodily autonomy. The overall theme of this meeting highlighted the principles of love over fear and actively reaching out to the neighbors on both your left and your right. Auburn folks understand the foundation we must build upon to make real change happen. Bravo, Auburn!

Oxford Hills Group
Oxford Hills is our newest group on the map and they are eager to get more members in attendance. Tell your friends!

School Will Soon Be In Session: Upcoming Educational Offerings and Events

Thursday-Saturday, September 9-11th at Thomas Point Beach, Brunswick (camping!)

This will be our big “homecoming” celebration to welcome in the new academic year. Day guests are welcome ($4 fee/per person).

Friday will be the “Homecoming” party for our Homeschooling/Youth/Education group. A day filled with fun events: “Double Dare” for the teens to compete in, field games, frisbee, swimming, and hanging with friends during the day, followed by a nighttime family dance. This is an event not to miss! If anyone knows of a local band who would play for us, let us know.

This campground has nice wildlife, tons of space, and it’s great for bike riding and strolling around as things are well paved/groomed. When members of our group have camped there before, it felt like we had the sites to ourselves. We will be inviting like-minded, home-educating friends to join us. We are hoping to grow this into a large annual event! On our previous visits here, camping was a blast, as we had several families gathered and every night we had a big fire and smores/telling stories/singing. Teens played manhunt each night. Bathrooms were clean, easy to get to & water was close to the sites. This is a wonderful way to get to know our new families joining us for the 2021/22 year, connect with other like-minded, area homeschoolers, and celebrate the end of summer.

Save this to your calendars. RSVP is preferred for campers so we can all camp together. Reserve a site near where we used to hang this winter.

Email Sasha for more information and to RSVP at

Karate classes for kids begin soon.
If your child is interested, please email Brooke at and she will send you the specifics. Classes start Friday, July 30th at GEvolution Gym in Augusta.

Children’s Art classes that incorporate yoga, meditation, nature exploration, and mixed creative arts (painting, drawing, mixed media, clay, music, dance, and more) will be offered in Brunswick at Wild Arts Studio beginning in September.
Please email Amy if you have questions at

Nature Groups are offered in the Fall in Corinth – about 20 minutes from Bangor.
If you would like more information, please email me or check out our website: They also have a FB business page: Willow Tree Occupational Therapy, LLC, and IG page: WillowTree_OT

Click here to access an empowering educational series for parents, educators, and those interested in homeschooling options.

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