4-18-21 – Your help is needed!


Hey MAINE Freedom Fighters!


Maine Stands Up wants everyone aware of the propaganda Campaign happening tonight at 7pm and armed with facts to fight it!

Cycle clipart curved arrow vector, Cycle curved arrow ... In light of this week’s events including the halting of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and data in VAERS bringing to light that all of the current vaccines marketed as protection against SARS-CoV2 are indeed causing significant signals in the blood clot and cardiovascular categories among many other issues, It is important to stand for MEDICAL FREEDOM and STOP THE COERCION until we have more information or until they can call be pulled entirely for injuring or killing. We are not convinced we are hearing all of the truth… YET…

Nonetheless, you’ve probably heard but in case not, the propaganda and coercion continue with a “Roll-up Your Sleeves” star-studded event live at 7PM on NBC. Our POTUS and a lineup of celebrities continue to use their influence to encourage people to do their part and #RollUpYourSleeves. Mark Zuckerberg has made a profile cover for Facebook and is shared a message that everyone should share their private medical choices with friends and family in order to convince them to take the vaccines as well. In order to combat the disinformation and virtue signaling, we will use our army of warriors to do our part to get the #TruthAboutVaccines out there. A Twitter Storm is coming!!! 

We need YOU to take to social media and #FactCheck the misinformation. When our army of warriors unite for a common cause we’re a force to be reckoned with. It’s through our coordinated “boots on the ground” efforts that we will create awareness and plant seeds of truth. 

Only by banding together against misinformation and coercion will we have a chance of awakening the masses and having truth prevail. They say it takes an army so we are calling on you to Be the Change and to join us to share the #TruthAboutVaccines. 

Please #RollUpYourSleeves and join us as we share the #TruthAboutVaccines: 

The goals of the TRUTH AND FREEDOM FIGHTER’S campaign: 

1. To hijack the hashtags associated with this event to get real information out there about the COVID 19 vaccines. 

2. To time our efforts in tandem so there will be a flood of #Truth all over the internet. We will combat censorship by collaborating and timing our efforts. 

Tonight at 7 PM, we ask that you please encourage and inspire your circles to participate in and promote FACTS AND TRUTH! Let’s CREATE OUR OWN Twitter Storm. All you need to do is copy and paste the below statement to Twitter and any other social media platforms AND ADD ANY IMAGE YOU WANT! 

#FactCheck: #Covid19 vax injuries 57k + over 2,300 deaths per VAERS. The only one guaranteed immunity is #BigPharma There’s no proof the vax stops transmission & per #Pfizer you will need a 3rd dose and an annual booster #Facts #RollUpYourSleeves #DoYourPartResarchVaccines


If you really want to kick things into high gear… Retweet your own Tweet @ the celebrities who are acting as Pharma shills. Here are their handles for your convenience for your tweeting convenience:














Remember we are stronger together and every action makes a difference. Be the change and join us!! 

Warrior on!!

The team at Maine Stands UP!!