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Meetings / Events – We are gaining traction and there will be meetings hopefully throughout the state, our goal being one in each county! If you are interested in hosting, we can help!  

Special Events this week: 


At the Capitol 4/28 at 6pm. Along with Dr Wolf, special guests Kevin Jenkins of Urban Global Health Alliance, Attorney Thomas Renz – lead attorney in several cases brought in Ohio, New Mexico, Maine and Nationally against the CDC and DHHS regarding Covid-19, Senator Lisa Kelm of Maine, Representative Justin Fecteau of Maine, and Representative Heidi Sampson of Maine will be there! Be there or Be Square! For more info on Five Freedom Campaign, check out the latest interview with Heidi Sampson here !


April 29th, Kevin Jenkins will be a speaker at our first Maine Stands Up fundraising event and following that a free screening of the film Medical Apartheid. To learn more about this film, check out the article and watch the trailer here!! Register HERE !! 

Maine Stands Up Event and Meeting Listing:

  • April 28th, 8am: Protect The Gulf of Maine Industry Rally – for businesses or people “impacted by changes made to the Gulf of Maine” – Augusta Civic Center
  • April 28th, 6pm: Five Freedoms Campaign Press Conference & Rally with Naomi Wolf, Kevin Jenkins, and others – at State Capitol in Augusta
  • April 29th, 7pm: Screening of the film Medical Apartheid followed by Q&A with Kevin Jenkins, head of Urban Global Health Alliance, Augusta
  • Cost is $50 as this is a fundraiser for MSU. BYO chair and as many friends as you’d like, face friendly!
  • April 29th, 6pm: Fire circle in Alfred, BYO chair, blanket, and layers; contact Carrie Lee: carrie@holisticcare4you.com; 978-806-6090, care4you.care
  • April 29th, 5:30-8:30pm Family Friendly Community Wellness Gathering and Potluck, Music Jam, Sauna, Brewer, FMI: 978-314-1020 or wholelifeyogaarts1@gmail.com 
  • May 22nd, 4:30-9:30pm: Sheriff Richard Mack presented by NH Citizens for Constitutional Sheriffs & Law Enforcement, Manchester, NH (General admission: $50)


  • Yarmouth, Thursdays at 5:30pm, FMI email Ann M: anniem11@protonmail.com 
  • Hope, Thursdays at 7pm (Crystal)
  • Owls Head, Saturdays at 3pm, FMI email Sherry: wyrd@midcoast.com 
  • Alfred, Thursdays, FMI email Carrie Lee: carrie@holisticcare4you.com
  • Kittery, varying days, FMI email Carlene carlene7777@gmail.com 
  • Belfast, Tuesdays at 6pm (Poly Govinda)
  • Ellsworth, biweekly (Thia Renae Embers)
  • Brunswick, Gigi Colette, ParadigmsShift@protonmail.com
  • Augusta – coming soon!

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Education Resource Updates: Raylene Hunt has volunteered to be our education resource liaison. Our goal is to provide resources to help you advocate for your child at school or begin the journey to homeschool, utilize online education or pursue other non-traditional paths. Do you need help? 

Action Item: Please write in and tell us what you need! We want to know how to help Mainers on their educational journey.  

Business Resource Updates: 

MSU Flyer / MSU Postcard

The Healthy American has so much to offer Businesses as well !!

Legislative Updates 


If you are a healthcare provider or know someone who is, it is very important to be aware of the rule changes being made without legislative review and approval. Last year at this time, LD798 was passed removing religious and philosophical exemptions for our children to attend school here in Maine. CDC is now going around proper legislative process to pass rules for healthcare workers. We have heard these rules only apply to certain facilities but, we all know what comes next. Write to your legislators and demand they go through the proper channels. 

More updates from Gina LeDuk-Kuntz at Maine Legislative Watchdogs: 

We are all concerned with ending Governor Mills’ power to continue the State of Emergency we find ourselves living through. Tomorrow, April 26th, there are several bills in work session worth submitting testimony on if you have not already done so. Because these particular bills are in work session, only written testimony can be given as the public hearings have already occurred for these bills, but sending in your written testimony is an important way to ensure your voice is heard before the legislatures. The following bills propose ending or limiting Govern Mills’ emergency powers. Presently, Mills’ has extended Maine’s State of Emergency to May13th making Maine governed by only one branch of government now for 14 months. Imagine, a newborn child born at the beginning of Governor Mills’ lockdown is now a toddler; that’s an entire lifetime. 

If you will be submitting written testimony on the bills modifying the State emergencies or ending the Governor’s State of Emergency, you can quickly bundle LD 14, An Act To Require a Two-thirds Vote To Extend a State of Emergency, LD 131, An Act To Amend the Governor’s Emergency Powers, LD 608, An Act Regarding the Governor’s Emergency Powers, LD 628, An Act To Protect Businesses and Civic and Religious Organizations from Actions Taken Pursuant to an Emergency Proclamation, LD 980, An Act To Establish Balance in the Governor’s Emergency Powers, LD 1019, An Act To Promote Transparent Emergency Management, LD 1142, An Act To Prohibit the Unequal Restriction of Essential Businesses during a State of Civil Emergency and LD 1220, An Act To Require a Two-thirds Vote of the Legislature Every 2 Weeks To Maintain a State of Emergency Declared by the Governor together in one testimony urging legislators to pass these bills. To submit you testimony on these bills, follow this link: https://www.mainelegislature.org/testimony/

1. Click: “Public Hearing.” 
2. Select: State and Local Government 
3. Select: “10:00am” 
4. Follow the instructions to submit your testimony 

Another interesting covid inspired bill is LD 1124; An Act to Authorize a Memorial to the Victims of Covid-19. Personally, I find this idea fairly offensive. Which victims? The children who have committed suicide due to the lockdowns? The youth who have lost a year of education? The businesses that have failed due to the mandates? How about the elderly who have suffered and died from failure to thrive for want of human contact? There have been many victims this past year, more from our out-of-control government than a virus. 

LD 1124 was heard on April 23rd in the Committee on State and Local Government, but there is still time to submit written testimony against the bill. To submit testimony, follow the steps outlined above. 

To follow more bills, find me on facebook at Maine Legislative Watch Dogs.

Action Item: Please take a moment and submit testimony ! 

Legal Updates from Ron Jenkins (F. R. Jenkins, Esq)

On March 9, 2021, seven Plaintiffs initiated an MSU-backed lawsuit against Maine’s Governor Janet Mills and three of her Cabinet Members. The lawsuit was filed in the federal district court in Bangor, Maine. It is before Judge Lance Walker. Magistrate Judge John Rich is handling discovery. In both the Great Depression and World War I, the Supreme Court actively reviewed, or instructed lower federal courts to review, whether an emergency truly existed that would justify the continued application of emergency legislation that had the effect of suspending constitutional rights. It said: “A law depending upon the existence of an emergency or other certain state of facts to uphold it may cease to operate if the emergency ceases or the facts change even though valid when passed.” Thus the lawsuit asks the Court to courageously inquire into whether an emergency really exists, conclude that it does not, and end the emergency and the emergency mandates. The lawsuit also asks that the Court examine the constitutionality, under Maine’s Constitution, of the Maine Emergency Management Act (MEMA), which is the law pursuant to which the Legislature gave to Governor Mills the power to declare an emergency, and prolong it, both through unilateral proclamation, and to make rules and regulations to address it without any legislative participation. The suit alleges and asks the Court to find that MEMA violates the “separation of powers” required by Maine’s Constitution, because it concentrates the legislative and executive powers in the hands of a single person. Finally, the lawsuit asks the Court to find that MEMA itself and the individual emergency mandates harming the Plaintiffs (e.g., masks, quarantine, remote learning, business closings, cross-border travel restrictions) violate a range of rights protected by the federal Constitution, including for example 1st Amendment political speech, 1st Amendment free exercise of religion, freedom of travel, freedom of movement, right to personal autonomy and bodily integrity.   

On April 9, the Plaintiffs sought the permission of the Court to conduct “limited expedited discovery” in advance of the time that discovery is normally conducted. The Plaintiffs are asking the Court to order Maine CDC to disclose (i) the amplification cycle for each positive PCR test result for each PCR test conducted in the Maine Health and Environmental Laboratory, (ii) the death certificates for each death included in the COVID-19 death count, and (iii) information that will help to further identify the primary external laboratories providing PCR test results to Maine CDC, so that Plaintiffs can conduct discovery on all of those laboratories asking them to disclose their amplification cycles. Plaintiffs also asked permission to serve subpoenas on two external laboratories that have already been identified by Maine CDC in its press conferences – Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics. The Plaintiffs supported their Motion in all of its scientific and medical particulars with the Declaration of Dr. Peter A. McCullough, who has testified before the U.S. Senate and Texas Senate regarding, and lectured and written extensively about, the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease.

The Government opposed our request, and the Court asked us to try to negotiate a resolution. We conducted a “meet and confer” with the Government, as directed by the Court, and not surprisingly the Government refused to release any of the information we requested from Maine CDC, or to consent to our proposed subpoenas of Labcorp and Quest. Magistrate Judge Rich has scheduled a hearing for May 5, at which he will consider this discovery dispute and hear arguments from both sides.

On April 23, the Government filed a Motion to Dismiss the Complaint. This was fully expected, occurs in kost litigation, and Plaintiffs will learn a great deal about the Government’s legal strategy from this Motion. Plaintiffs have the right to amend their Complaint after this Motion has been filed, and are likely to do so, in order to add new plaintiffs, add new facts, and address the Government’s legal arguments.

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Science Updates – 

News and Latest scientific updates on the SARS-COV2 virus, preventives and treatments, vaccines, masks, safety in schools etc. 


Covid Death Statistics: An important aspect of this pandemic and data relied upon to dictate lockdowns, mandates and more is the sketchy death statistics. CDC has been known to manipulate numbers and many experts in the field of statistics, death recording etc have noticed some interesting manipulations. Joy M. Fritz, who is a former death certificate clerk has been watching things from the beginning. Check out her article here and her video where she explains the significance of the March 2020 National Vital Statistics Alert that changed death recording protocols to emphasize infection more than previous protocols would have.

Cases Are Surging In Fully Vaccinated Groups:

According to a UK government study, the rise in Corona deaths and hospitalizations is dominated by people with two Corona vaccinations already.

The British government is not a neutral driver of the Corona crisis, and its statements should therefore not be taken at face value. However, one should take note of the explosive news, which is found – albeit well hidden – in an official government paper and does not fit at all with the usual official pronouncements: “vaccinated” people with already two doses of vaccination now make up the majority of corona sufferers in the UK and even dominate their numbers. They account for about two-thirds of all cases.

In the study to be found on the website of the British government study entitled “SPI-M-O: Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions – Roadmap Step 2” dated March 31, 2021, states that:

“The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups, such that immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals. This is discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56.”

Link of the study: 


Backup Link: https://blog.fdik.org/2021-04/S1182_SPI-M-O_Summary_of_modelling_of_easing_roadmap_step_2_restrictions.pdf

Covid Vaccine Phenomena: You may have seen that there is a lot of talk about women and the Covid Vaccines this week. There are many reports all around the world that both those vaccinated and those unvaccinated but who are around the vaccinated are having cycle changes, severe periods, and more. There are a few hypotheses circulating about what may be causing this phenomenon but, the most important take away is that we don’t know because we have no long-term data or proper clinical trials to rely on. There are a few studies that have looked the possibility of shedding in some fashion whether it is the mRNA, spike protein or the antibody but we’re still not sure. Are we really facing mandates of a clearly deleterious medical product?   

Key Links regarding the phenomena:





Watch for Dr Sherri Tenpennys “20 Mechanisms of Action of Injury” course and material as it relates to the new vaccines and how it is plausible we will see injury in many ways from them.

For weekly updates on what’s happening : Watch The Highwire at 2PM EST on Thursdays live from the website. Check out his non-profit legal action network as well at ICAN

Because science requires debate!    

How do we educate to empower? – check out how to talk about the pandemic with your employer or school. the e2e series at health freedom for humanity by dr brad campbell can be viewed here. You can also go back and view his previous videos with dr. ben tapper , Tommy lee and more  

https://healthfreedomforhumanity.org/ an amazing resource.

Watch for our “Dose of Truth” series, where we will offer a dose of eye-opening truth with a cube of positivity to help the medicine go down. 

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