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Arise USA Meets Maine Stands Up

July 27

Arise USA Tour Meets Maine Stands Up will be in Belfast, ME
Tuesday, July 27th from 5:30-8:30
96 Church Street at The Crosby Center
This event is FREE (donations gratefully accepted).

Imagine for a moment we are on the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Captain Picard is sitting on the edge of his seat, Data sits calmly at the helm, and he announces, “2 minutes to impact”. There is a calm focus on the bridge, the crew is in the present moment. Time is of the essence and only focused attention, expertly executed, will assure successful avoidance of imminent demise.

This is us—we Americans. We stand assembled on the bridge of our own starship, and our captain addresses us: “We the people of the United States of America can take our country back and we must stand united. This is the opportunity of this decisive moment. Onward and seize the day!”

We at Maine Stands Up invite you to show up for freedom and to learn how we the people can, must, and will do everything we can to avoid the imminent demise of our freedoms. We are lucky to be hosting a champion of freedom, Sheriff Richard Mack, the founder of CSPOA–Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, who will share with us how we, together, can peacefully take back our country.

In addition, our Maine Stands Up lawyer, Ron Jenkins, will update us on the status of the federal lawsuits that both he and his colleague Tom Renz have filed on behalf of the citizens of Maine and the rest of the United States.

Kevin Jenkins, of the Urban Global Health Alliance in Newark and Freedom Airways Alliance, will also be speaking about how to stand strong in our sovereignty while building a new infrastructure based on human dignity and freedom. In addition, Heidi Sampson, a Maine legislator who supports informed consent and medical freedom, will be introducing her Freedom Forum and will also present information about a forensic election audit in Maine. Dr Christiane Northrup, a long-time advocate of medical freedom and New York Times bestselling author will also address the crowd.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We encourage you to drop everything and join us for this epic event. Come to 96 Church Street in Belfast, Maine this Tuesday, the 27th of July.

Please take this moment to pause, breathe, and ask yourself honestly, “How important are my constitutional rights and freedoms to me? Who should determine what gets injected into my body or my children’s bodies–me, or the government?”

If not now, when? We need to stand together NOW– before the next mandates are imposed and more of our rights are threatened. We must stand together before we get to the point of risking arrest for resisting tyranny.

Please call your local Sheriffs, County Commissioners, law enforcement departments and officers, City Council members, and other public officials to show up as well. Remember– they all work for US. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. The more calls we all make, the better. We the people are asking our public servants to show up because they have sworn an oath not only to serve and protect “We the people” but also to uphold and defend the Constitution of these United States.

We the people are meant to be self-governing. Public officials are employed to serve and protect us, so let’s communicate with them. Please don’t let this short notice stop you. Your quality of life–and even your life itself–could depend upon you stepping up.

We are picking up where the Arise USA Tour left off, bringing our Constitutional Sheriff, Arise USA tour members, and others from Maine Stands Up to help educate, inspire, and unite us all.

Back on the bridge of the Enterprise, Data announces, “1 minute and 45 seconds to impact . . . Join us on the bridge to participate in determining our future, and to reclaim all of our freedoms.”

Remember to call your friends, your family members, your Sheriffs, and as many public officials as you can. Come one, come all. Together, we’ve got this! We can make our state, once again, “The Way Life Should Be.”

Thank you for being part of our movement for freedom and sovereignty.

By: ShabdSangeet Kaur Khalsa, American National
Copyright ShabdSangeet Kaur Khalsa. All rights reserved w/o prejudice.


July 27
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