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9-2-21 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grassroots Alliance Against Healthcare Mandates Formed to Overturn Overreaching Healthcare COVID Vaccine Mandate

For Immediate Release August 26, 2021 AUGUSTA, ME- A grassroots alliance of groups and legislators representing Maine healthcare workers has formed in an effort to overturn Governor Mills’ new… Read more »

Motion asks for details of Maine PCR tests

Attorneys for MaineStandsUp have asked the federal district court in Bangor, Maine, to order Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) to disclose the number of cycles it has been running its PCR tests through during the last 13 months, and to produce the death certificates of all Mainers alleged to have died of COVID-19.

Lawsuit Filed Against the Illegal/Unconstitutional COVID Response in Maine

03/10/2021, Maine – For a full year now the people of Maine have suffered greatly from the response to COVID-19. This disease has, in Maine as it has elsewhere, shown to be roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu but the response has shown to be far more dangerous to our freedoms, our economy, our children, and our elderly. Suicide rates, especially amongst children, have skyrocketed, drug usage has exploded, and domestic violence is out of control.

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