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Our liberties and freedoms are being limited and infringed. Alone you may feel helpless, together we will tackle one issue at a time.

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We are witnessing unprecedented overreach by our state government. It is our duty and privilege to protect our fundamental liberties while demanding our elected leaders be held accountable and be shown they cannot act with impunity for their tyrannical and corrupt behavior.

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We Must Make Our Voices Heard

We are forming a HUGE group of Americans with a very simple, and easily understandable campaign platform:

“I want the freedom to accept or reject any and all medical treatments, including vaccinations, for myself and my minor children. The state and federal government, employers, merchants, groups, schools, institutions, and other entities should not be able to force me or my minor children to receive any medical intervention, including vaccinations, without my express permission. I furthermore demand that full disclosure of the risks and benefits of any medical intervention, including screening tests, drugs, devices, surgeries, and vaccines, be required by law and provided to any consumer prior to the delivery of services.”

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